ASI2816 1RU 4-16 channel streaming radio tuner

The ASI2816 is a multi-channel streaming radio tuner packaged in a 1U form factor.

It can be configured with up to four modules. Each module contains four radio tuners for a total of up to 16 tuners per ASI2816.

The ASI1471 module contains four AM/FM/WeatherBand (WB) tuners. The ASI1472 module contains four AM/AM-HD/FM/FM-HD tuners.

Up to sixteen ICY encoded audio streams can be sent from the ASI2816. The format of the streams is mono 44.1kHz AAC-LC.

The ASI2816 contains an OLED front panel display showing current configuration and status of all tuners including band, frequency, signal strength and HD status.

Each tuner module also includes balanced stereo audio outputs on a StudioHub compatible RJ-45 connector with a software adjustable level of 0 to +24dBu

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Technical info

Available modules
Module Tuner
ASI1471 4 AM/FM/Weather band
Web interface
tuner page

Documentation Downloads
ASI2816 Datasheet 0.7.5 Firmware
Note on module revisions Release notes
Ordering Information

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