AudioScience HPI Version_4.20.18

Bitstream control


Control synchronous bitstream I/O. More...


hpi_err_t HPI_Bitstream_GetActivity (const hpi_hsubsys_t *phSubSys, hpi_handle_t hControl, uint16_t *pwClkActivity, uint16_t *pwDataActivity)
 Returns 2 indicative measurements of the incoming data stream.

Detailed Description

Control synchronous bitstream I/O.

Only valid on ASI4346 adapters.

Function Documentation

hpi_err_t HPI_Bitstream_GetActivity ( const hpi_hsubsys_t *  phSubSys,
hpi_handle_t  hControl,
uint16_t *  pwClkActivity,
uint16_t *  pwDataActivity 

Returns 2 indicative measurements of the incoming data stream.

The clock input is deemed inactive if no data bytes are received within a certain number of calls to a polling routine. The time this takes varies according to the number of active streams. If there is clock activity, the data activity indicator is a sample of 16 bits from the incoming data. If this is persistently 0 or 0xFFFF, this may indicate that the data input is inactive.

0 on success, or one of the HPI_ERROR_CODES.
phSubSysVestigial subsys handle (unused), may be set to NULL
hControlHandle to bitstream control
pwClkActivity1==clock is active, 0==clock is inactive
pwDataActivity1 word sampled from the incoming raw data