CobraNet Network Audio-DISCONTINUED July 2022

CobraNet is a technology from Cirrus Logic that provides distribution of isochronous digital audio, control and monitoring data over Ethernet. CobraNet operates at the Data Link Layer also referred to as OSI Layer 2 or MAC layer. Note that in most cases CobraNet can coexist with regular data on an Ethernet network, because CobraNet packets are just regular Ethernet packets that have a CobraNet identifier.

AudioScience has developed a variety of CobraNet sound cards and stand alone CobraNet interfaces that give you the flexibility to choose what works for you. Our internal card options look just like regular AudioScience sound cards to software applications, allowing multiple streams of audio to be played and recorded to/from the network. Our Hono Custom and Fixed lineup allows audio equipment to be interfaced to the CobraNet network in a 1 RU package while our Hono Cobranet Mini line offers a compact design for any space where a small number of inputs/outputs are needed.

To learn more about CobraNet, see Cirrus Logic's CobraNet website and the Wikipedia CobraNet page.

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If you need to get CobraNet into and out of a Windows or Linux PC, our internal sound cards are a simple yet robust solution
Hono CobraNet sound cards
Our full line of hardware interfaces provide the ultimate flexibility for professional Mic/Line input and output to your Cobranet network
Hono CobraNet interfaces
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