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ASI5812 sound card enables simultaneous MPX and HD-Radio outputs for PC based radio processors

NEWCASTLE, DE (Sept 27, 2017) AudioScience, a leader in professional broadcast sound cards has announced the ASI5812 sound card, designed for use in radio broadcast FM multiplex signal (MPX) generation.

PC based audio processing software for radio broadcast, such as Telos OmniaSST and Thimeo Stereo Tool, have the ability to generate both an MPX and a HD-Radio baseband signal. In the past this would have required two audio cards, one to generate the MPX signal at a 192kHz sample rate and a separate card to generate the HD-Radio signal in the digital domain at a 44.1kHz sample rate.

The ASI5812 provides this combined functionality using just one half-height sound card, instead of two. To accomplish this, the ASI5812 incorporates a secondary AES/EBU digital output. This output is fed from the sound card via a Sample Rate Converter (SRC) allowing it to output audio at an independent sample rate from that of the analog line and primary AES/EBU outputs. Sampling at 192kHz, the ASI5812 provides greater than 60kHz of analog bandwidth needed to generate an FM multiplex signal. The adapter also includes GPIO in the form of four opto-isolated inputs and two relay isolated outputs.

"Radio processing software like the new OmniaSST, take advantage of the tremendous horsepower of today's PCs", said Richard Gross, President of AudioScience. "We have worked closely with Telos to provide the necessary sound card features to enable full functionality of these applications"

For more information on the ASI5812, visit the product webpage here:

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