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Driver versions

AudioScience traditionally sells our Professional Audio Cards through Value Added Resellers (VARs) listed on our website. The VAR that you have purchased the audio card from will also provide you the the appropriate driver to be used with their software application. Starting with version 4.36.xx, the driver is 64-bit only. 32-bit Windows is only supported with older driver versions found here. This will install standard WDM devices and ASIO driver by default. AudioScience does allow Distributors to resell our PCM only cards and network products and in this case you would download the current driver from our website.

Authorized sales

Sales of AudioScience Inc. (ASI) products are authorized only through our Value Added Resellers (VARs) and select audio equipment distributors. Products purchased through any means other than those authorized are not supported and we reserve the right to restrict warranty repairs and driver download on any product that do not meet this criteria. Products purchased through any 3rd party such as Ebay or direct sales between individuals will not be supported.

ASIO support

All Windows drivers will install support for the ASIO interface automatically.

Adapter support

Some older cards are no longer supported in recent driver releases, while new cards have been added and are only supported in newer driver releases. For a list of our cards and driver support, check here.

Driver numbering

Our driver numbering uses the NN.NN.NN system. A released driver, one that you would find on this page, will always have an even number as its middle two digits - 4.20.30, for example. Odd numbered middle digits will be our "in development" drivers - 4.21.06, for example.

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Driver downloads
64-bit Combo WDM/WAVE/ASIO Driver for Windows 10, 11, 7*, Server 2012/2016/2019
Driver Date Version Size Docs Products
Windows 64-bit Combo driver 05-09-2024 4.36.02 30MB Notes Driver Support

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows Memory Integrity. We have been monitoring a recent Windows issue related to "Memory Integrity" that can prevent our driver from loading. To correct this follow the steps outlined here Note46 on the documentation page.