ASI8702, 8712, 8723, 8724, 8733, 8734 - Multi channel AM/FM/TV tuner cards   

The ASI8700 series are professional broadcast tuner adapters designed for broadcast monitoring and logging, advertising verification and content identification.  Models available are:

ASI8702 - 8 AM/FM tuners
ASI8712 - 4 AM/FM tuners
ASI8722 - 6 AM/FM and 2 NTSC-TV tuners
ASI8723 - 8 NTSC-TV tuners
ASI8724 - 4 NTSC-TV tuners
ASI8725 - 4 AM/FM and 4 NTSC-TV tuners
ASI8732 - 6 AM/FM and 2 PAL-TV tuners
ASI8733 - 8 PAL/SECAM-TV tuners
ASI8734 - 4 PAL/SECAM-TV tuners
ASI8735 - 4 AM/FM and 4 PAL-TV tuners


     Four or Eight record streams (one for each tuner)
     FM stereo decoding
     Audio monitoring of all tuners simultaneously
     8 to 48kHz sample rates
     Up to 8 cards in one system
     Windows XP and Linux software drivers available
     Custom tuner configurations available
     Supported by 3rd party logging software


ASI87xx Data Sheet (PDF)
ASI873x PAL/SECAM-TV Press Release
ASI8700 Press Release

ASI87xx ASI Mixer Image

3rd party logging software that can be used with the ASI8700 cards


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