ASI6585/ASI6685 Firmware Information

The latest current firmware version for the ASI6585/ASI6685 is v2.7.1d_r2.

AudioScience is aware that the firmware version for Axia nodes found on the Axia website may be higher.
If the firmware on the Axia website is higher, we have been assured by Axia that the improvements in the Livewire firmware found on their website does not affect the ASI6585/ASI6685.

Please note that any attempt to load the Axia AES, Analog, GPIO, Microphone, or Router Selector Node firmware (found on Axia's website) onto an ASI6585/ASI6685 may render the soundcard inoperable and it will need to be sent back to AudioScience for repair.  Use only the AudioScience recommended firmware.

Instructions to upgrade to 2.7.1d_r2 from 2.5.8a_r2
Firmware version 2.5.8a_r2 must be the current firmware version on the ASI6585/ASI6685 in order to upgrade to 2.7.1d_r2. If it is not, see the datasheet for information on updating from older versions.

1. Download the 2.7.1d_r2 firmware (link below) to your computer (this should be the computer that you will use to access the card's web interface). Your local computer operating system should display a prompt to permit you to choose where you wish to locate the downloaded file. You can choose any convenient location, just be sure to note the drive and location where the file is to be saved.

2. Open a web browser and connect to the card to be updated. On the "System" page, enter the complete path and file name for the firmware file or click on the Browse button to locate the file. Once the proper path and filename are displayed, click on Apply to download the file.

3. A successful download will be indicated by the new version being displayed in the Bank 1 field of the "Firmware version:" section. If the download was unsuccessful the field for Bank 1 would be blank.

For complete information on Livewire firmware updates, please see the relevent section of the ASI6585/ASI6685 datasheet.

Firmware v2.7.1d_r2

Release notes:

Version 2.7.1d_r2 (Patch 2018-1-25): Updated meters page to work without Java