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The ASI2416 is a CobraNet® audio interface in a 1RU rack mount format providing 16 channels of CobraNet receive and transmit.

The unit can be populated with up to four function specific modules, allowing up to 16 channels of analog or AES/EBU I/O. Each module has an interchangeable connector that may be configured with either a pluggable terminal block, StudioHub+® or a 50pin Centronics connector to XLR breakout cables

The ASI2416 features a powerful Texas Instruments 32bit floating point DSP that allows sophisticated switching/mixing.  A graphics display on the unit’s front panel shows peak meters and CobraNet status.

AudioScience provides application software that may be used to set up the ASI2416. ASIControl is used to set up all internal features of the unit, as well as allow CobraNet routing connections to be set up between the ASI2416 and other CobraNet devices on the network. CobraNet Discovery can also be used for routing connections.


  • 16 CobraNet® inputs/outputs on 100Mbit Ethernet with redundant RJ-45 connectors.

  • 1RU rack-mount unit
  • Modular architecture allows up to 4 I/O modules to be inserted into the back of the unit.
  • Modules connector options include Terminal Block (Phoenix style), StudioHub+® RJ-45 or 50pin Centronics connector (compatible with AudioScience sound cards)
  • Available modules include eight channel analog I/O and eight channel AES/EBU I/O.
  • Powerful floating point DSP provides metering, level control and up to 20 dB gain on all signal paths.
  • Interoperable with ASI6416 CobraNet Sound Card and other 3rd party CobraNet equipment
  • Built-in 90-260VAC power supply


The table below lists just some of the possible combinations of ASI2416 modules/connectors/slots.
To figure out the part number of a ASI2416 combination you're interested in,
review the datasheets under "RESOURCES" below,
then use the "ASI2416 Model Number Calculator" below this table.



Connector Type

ASI2416-1000-1000 Analog
8 channels in
8 channels out
Terminal block
ASI2416-1000-2000 Analog
8 channels in
8 channels out
XLR on breakout cable
ASI2416-4000-1000 AES/EBU
4 in, 4 out
(8 channels in and out)
Terminal block
ASI2416-4000-2000 AES/EBU
4 in, 4 out
(8 channels in and out)
XLR on breakout cable
ASI2416-1100-1100 Analog
16 channels in
16 channels out
Terminal block
ASI2416-1100-2200 Analog
16 channels in
16 channels out
XLR on breakout cable
ASI2416-4400-1100 AES/EBU
8 in, 8 out
(16 channels in and out
Terminal block
ASI2416-4400-2200 AES/EBU
8 in, 8 out
(16 channels in and out)
XLR on breakout cable

ASI2416 Calculator


Slot 1 Module: Connector:
Slot 2 Module: Connector:
Slot 3 Module: Connector:
Slot 4 Module: Connector:

Now that you have your part number, for pricing and/or more information, please contact AudioScience’s Sales Department.


ASI2416 Data Sheet (PDF)
ASI2416 Press Release

ASIControl software
Cross referencing (PDF); ASI, QSC, and Biamp CobraNet units

Module Datasheets:
ASI1431 - Analog, 8 Channels Input/Output
ASI1432 - Analog, 8 Channels Input
ASI1433 - Analog, 8 Channels Output
ASI1441 - AES/EBU, 4 In/Out (8 Channels Input/Output)
ASI1442 - AES/EBU, 4 In (8 Channels Input)
ASI1443 - AES/EBU, 4 Out (8 Channels Output)
ASI1451 - GPIO, 16 Optos/16 relays
  ASI1462 - Microphone/Line, 8 inputs