AudioScience has leveraged its expertise in Windows audio drivers and network audio to develop the Hono AVB Virtual Soundcard (VSC).

The VSC features standard WDM and ASIO interfaces and 64x64 AVB audio channels as well as an additional media clock input and output stream for syncing. The VSC utilizes the RTX Real-time operating system from Interval Zero to deliver the same performance as a high end digital audio hardware.

64bit versions of Windows 10 are supported.

Supporting the IEEE 1722.1 Discovery and Control protocol, the VSC can be configured using 3rd party AVB Controllers

  • Up to 64 input and output audio channels
  • Up to 8 input and output AVB streams
  • Stream formats of 1,2,4,8,16 and 32 channels
  • Windows 10 64-bit drivers
  • Direct Sound and ASIO support
  • Runs on Intel I210 Gigabit AVB Ethernet NIC

Hono AVB VSC Models

 Model Network Protocol Audio Channels In Audio Channels Out
Hono AVB 64.64V AVB 64 64
Hono AVB 32.32V AVB 32 32
Hono AVB 16.16V AVB 16 16


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AudioScience Hono AVB VSC Datasheet Current  
AudioScience Hono AVB VSC - 64bit  2017-06-23 Release notes
Interval Zero RTX64 3.2 (external website) 3.2  2017-06-23
Windows WDM Combo driver - 64bit 4.19.36  2017-06-23
AudioScience Hono AVB Controller Current