Hono AVB Controller

The Hono AVB Controller is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) application intended for use with AudioScience products combined with other 3rd party AVB devices. The controller provides configuration and routing of IEEE 1722 audio stream formats using the IEEE 1722.1 AVDECC protocol. It supports AudioScience AVB devices with IEEE 1722.1 dynamic stream mappings, allowing individual channels to be selected from incoming streams and routed to outgoing streams.

Hono AVB Controller is built upon the foundation of avdecc-lib, an open source AVB controller library. Avdecc-lib is part of the AVnu OpenAVB effort, an open source project for AVnu software, drivers and building blocks.

The Controller runs on Windows 7 and 10, 32/64bit.


  • View all IEEE 1722.1 enabled AVB devices and their streams.
  • Route streams on AVB devices and examine existing stream routes.
  • Presets
    • Save audio routing and device configuration presets
    • Apply previously saved presets
    • Edit presets offline and use for new device configurations
  • View and adjust per-device settings, if implemented, including:
    • Lock/unlock devices
    • Device name
    • Device Sample rate
    • Media clock source
    • Network information
  • View and adjust per stream settings including
    • Stream name
    • Media format.
    • Audio channel mappings
    • IEEE 1722 Presentation time/stream latency
  • View network status information, including:
    • IEEE 802.1AS clock synchronization grandmaster
  • View device error and notification logs
  • Runs on Windows 7 and 10, 32 and 64bit platforms
  • 90 day full feature evaluation


 Click link below to download supporting docs and software  Platform  Version  Date
Hono AVB Controller software (90 day evaluation) Windows 1.1.35 5-5-2017 D
Hono AVB Controller Quick Start guide   July 2016
Hono AVB Controller Data Sheet 1.1.x 8-30-2016

Evaluation & Purchasing

The AudioScience Hono AVB Controller is free to use on AVB networks that contain an AudioScience AVB device. With no AudioScience AVB products on the network, the Controller will operate in evaluation mode for 90 days

Users intending to use the AudioScience Hono AVB Controller beyond the 90 day evaluation period, should purchase a license. A single use license costs $295. For volume licensing please contact AudioScience. Note that we are unable to issue any refunds once a license has been authorized.

Click the "Buy Now" button below to purchase an Activation Key to license your Hono AVB Controller