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Livewire with TSX Time-scaling
64 channel driver provides WDM and ASIO support

NEWCASTLE, DE (April 12, 2012) AudioScience, Inc., a professional digital audio innovator in the radio broadcast and installed sound industry, is pleased to announce its first software only product, a 64 channel Livewire driver.

Based on licensed technology from Axia Audio/TLS Corp., the driver supports 32 stereo streams using the Wave/DirectSound/WDM API and up to 64 channels using ASIO. Available in both 32bit and 64bit versions, the driver runs under both Windows XP, Windows 7 and Server 2008.

Time scaling (called TSX) of audio during playback based on proprietary algorithms licensed from 25-Seven Systems is also supported. This is the same time scaling algorithm already available on AudioScience hardware products and can be used independently on any or all audio playback streams to expand or compress audio in real-time by up to 20%, while preserving pitch and clarity. TSX can be used in conjunction with any of the compression formats supported by the driver.

"The AudioScience Livewire driver is AudioScience's first software only product", says Richard Gross, President of AudioScience. "It combines the 25-Seven audio time-scaling algorithm that our customers have come to love on our sound cards with the Livewire audio-over-IP protocol to create a unique product offering. Time-scaling and Livewire already have great penetration and reputations' in the radio broadcast industry, so it just makes sense to offer them in a single package."

"Our company is honored to have AudioScience choose our audio stretch/shrink technology for its innovative driver," said 25-Seven President Geoff Steadman. "As they have with AudioScience's hardware implementations, we look forward to the company and its partners using the driver to create new opportunities for the industry to take advantage of our algorithms."

For pricing, please contact Richard Gross.

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