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AudioScience Hono AVB Mini(s) are AVnu-certified

NEWCASTLE, DE (01/27/2015) AudioScience, Inc., is pleased to announce that the Hono AVB Mini(s) have been certified by the AVnu Alliance.

The AVnu Alliance has created compliance test procedures and processes that ensure AVB interoperability of networked A/V devices. AudioScience is a member of the AVnu Alliance and will be certifying all of our AVB products through the Alliance to ensure the highest degree of conformance to the IEEE AVB standards.

The Hono AVB Mini series includes four products, the Hono AVB 4.4M /2.2M, with 4/2 line inputs/outputs with studio quality mic preamps, and the 4.4D /2.2D with 4/2 channels of AES/EBU input/output. The IEEE 1722.1 Discovery and Control protocol allows the Hono's to be configured using 3rd party AVB Controllers. DSP functionality includes a parametric equalizer and compander/limiter on the inputs and programmable delays on the outputs as well as full matrix mixing.

Richard Gross, President of AudioScience, said "AVnu certification represents the culmination of many years of hard work by our Engineering team on our AVB hardware and software. AVnu certification will give our customers confidence that when they choose one of our AVB products they know they are buying something that will inter-operate with other AVnu certified AVB devices".

For Hono AVB availability, pricing and further information, contact Nicole Santiago in the US at +1- 302-235-7109, T.K. Pang in Asia at +65 98184303 or Delio Brignoli in the EU at +34 951 105 667. Alternatively, email

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