AudioScience HPI Version_4.10.
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Error codes, and string conversions


void HPI_GetErrorText (hpi_err_t wError, char *pszErrorText)
 Convert one of the HPI_ERROR_CODES into a string.


unsigned int hpi_handle::objType:4
unsigned int hpi_handle::adapterIndex:14
 up to 16K
unsigned int hpi_handle::readOnly:1
 future readonly flag

Function Documentation

void HPI_GetErrorText ( hpi_err_t  wError,
char *  pszErrorText 

Convert one of the HPI_ERROR_CODES into a string.

wErrorthe error code
pszErrorTextpointer to callers buffer. Must be at least 200 bytes!

Use COG <> to parse hpi.h and build the body of the HPI_GetErrorText() function. Do not edit manually, instead run 'cog -r [thisfile]' to update it.

Variable Documentation

unsigned int hpi_handle::objType [inherited]
unsigned int hpi_handle::adapterIndex [inherited]
unsigned int hpi_handle::readOnly [inherited]

future readonly flag

Referenced by HPI_IndexesToHandle().