HPI driver
This package supports the AudioScience HPI API. It includes kernel driver, libraries and commandline tools.
The driver and tools are supplied as source under the GPL license.  Userspace libraries are under a BSD style license.
Both 32 and 64 bit kernels are supported. (Note: mixed 32 bit user / 64 bit kernel is not supported)
File Date
Current Drivers
Download HPI package 4.18.03
Supports ASI5x00 series, ASI6x00 series, ASI8800, ASI8900 series adapters.
Release notes
Download CentOS6.3 RPM 32bit
Kernel 2.6.32-279
Supports ASI5000 series, ASI5100, ASI6[3,4,5,6]00 series, ASI8800, ASI8900 series adapters.
ASI6[0,1,2]00 and ASI8700 series  are included, but are no longer officially supported.
Release notes

 ALSA driver
ALSA source includes snd-asihpi driver and firmware, however this will lag the latest HPI drivers mentioned above.
Check the version in alsa's copy of hpi.h to see if it is recent enough for your needs.
Notes specific to the snd-asihpi driver can be found on the ALSA wiki.
Use of a recent version of ALSA is recommended.

The HPI packages include a Makefile that can be used to automatically patch a recent ALSA source tree with new HPI source, and a Makefile that will build just the snd-asihpi driver module using current kernel headers.
File Date
Current Drivers
Download CentOS6.1 RPM
ALSA 1.0.23
Download CentOS6.2 RPM 64bit
Kernel 2.6.32-220
ALSA 1.0.25
Download CentOS6.2 RPM 32bit
ALSA 1.0.25

 Ubuntu PPA
Add the ppa:audioscience/release to your package source list and install snd-asihpi-dkms-4 to get automatic ALSA driver updates for AudioScience cards.

In a terminal window run the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:audioscience/release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install snd-asihpi-dkms-4

HPI Specification (online)
See also text files included in the driver source package for installation details.

HPI Compatible third party software
Rivendell Rivendell and Soundpanel applications (GPL).
Also HPI driver binary RPMs for SuSE
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